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The only complete Resaturant POS system

Want to run real business? You need a real point of sale system.

Everything you need is included. no extra fees.

EMV processing using the processor of your choice (third-party software may be required) Payroll export (automatically exports & emails to your payroll provider)
 Time Clock Table management
 Employee management Reservations and wait list
 Employee scheduler (automatically emails schedule) Language translator (can change language based on employee login)
 Internal Gift Cards (hosted through the POS) Pay at the table integration
 Inventory management Cash discount programs
 Site-level reporting (automatically emails nightly reports) Bar code and QR code scanning
 Phone order management Weighing items (certified through Weights & Measures)
 Delivery management Our Humble Support
Fast, reliable hardware that works for you.

Get our software on one of our fast and reliable hardware, you can mix and match devices and choose the options that best for your. 

We work with varitey of hardware. have your own Windows hardware? No worries, we are happy to help with BYO hardaware,Please Contact us for compatibilty.

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Track your day’s progress with access to live data

View your restaurant’s sales, voids and discounts, who’s on the clock and more. With real-time numbers constantly streaming to your phone, you can quickly and easily fix problems.


We have worked with businesses across all industries, helping them to better manage their Point of Sale so they can free up their time.

Cafes & Restaurant

Health Care & Medical & Pharmacy Centres

Retail & Shopping Centres

Supermarkets, Butchers, Baker & Grocer